Cliff - Chris - Tim - Mike

Eyes Of The Living are:
Tim Swisher - Vocals / Guitar
Chris Moore - Bass / Backing Vocals
Mike Straiton - Lead Guitar
Cliff Fritts - Drums


Eyes of the Living is a modern thrash metal band based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. The members have experience and success in writing music for Cable and Nationally Syndicated T.V. Shows as well as preforming live and sharing the same stage with Morbid Angel, Crowbar, Nuclear Assault, Obituary, Pro Pain, Over Kill, Fear Factory, and Iron Maiden. Members have also had their music played as bumper music on the Howard Stern Show.

Eyes of the Living Music is a driving force of heavy sound that gets your blood going !! Their sound is heavy, thrashy, original and yet excitingly catchy. Filled with energy and raw emotion. Some have compared the music, attitude, and musicianship with groups like Havok, Testament, Lamb of God, Slayer and Slipknot.

You be the judge! You can hear Eyes of the Living's available on all major digital download store like; iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart Radio, Google Play, etc.

CD can be purchased here: "WAR ON DEAD-MORE DEAD" 

See Eyes of the Living - In concert the next time Eyes of the Living plays in your area, checkout their live show and judge the music for yourself. Always a good time had by all, even by our critics.